2014 Oscars Best Moments!
The Oscars are finally here, so check out the biggest moments throughout the night!

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i say i will try and fix you bit why fix your imperfection is what makes you perfect and when you try i laugh because your beautiful when yo cry i am there to wipe your eyes and when you make it i will be  there cheering you on because i love you and what nothing but the best for you 


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what advice can you give a shy 18 year old female that loves to dance, danced for two years , had awesome stage presence but could improve in her technique (turns, leaps,) , good hip flexibility, eager to learn, doesn’t really like ballet (likes modern but is more of a jazzy/sassy/hip-hop dancer) and has been wanting to dance ever since high school because she loves it so much but Is way too scared to “start over?”



You love it don’t ,you like the feeling because it may or may not  be your passion but you can dig been doing it for 2 years so why fear it if your hungry you eat if you are scared cant get over something by not facing your fear take it by the head and ride it well 

use your fear to push you to complete your goal at hand which is to do what you love no matter what the case is 

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Why am I even awake ,.

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Push forward and backwards,then watch all that happens. You see your progress and also your downfall,but its on you to choose your path;to push through and face new or push forward and backwards.Never letting go of the past which could show you great up ahead. You will never see it because your stuck on what you want ahead. So then whats plan you think you wake up and can build a great life it takes time live for now and build your future cant dream of the future but don’t make progress future is the future pass is your history present is now so live for today and stop pushing forward and backwards much more to see 


All hype for my first day back thought my class was at 7am My Adviser gave me a 7pm, class…yeah changing that ASAP 

  • Question: You have such a cute smile! (* >ω<) - Anonymous
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    thank you but who are you 


This lady so cute smart i must say, smiles so bright leaves me with nothing to say

she glances at me, i give her a wink she giggles softly

i am left just thinking, so many people on earth why is she with me

is she single is she free ,hey i might get lucky 

just on this day the world missed a lope and a beautiful lady just came to me 

this lady walks the walk and talks so smooth her accent is heavy but dreamy you know 

so i take her hand to get closer to her 

then she looks at me and stares and i know i should come closer so i do i do i really did not to close didn’t want to be weird o anything 

she closes her eyes so do i and we kiss oh we kiss 

this lady i meet that lucky day kiss me so soft and gently